Thursday, July 27, 2006

Surrender have some new tees in from Surrender,not sure about this new lot,but they apparently come in these little bags now which is at least different to the ziplocks everybody else uses.

adidas superstar deluxe

Coming soon to ,as well as new Surrender gear.


Murder she wrote tee from Selector at .


Not a lot on there at the moment but there will probably be a trailer soon .


Compilation chosen by the band called "Stop the Clocks" due out later in the year.

Ian Brown in Russia

Have a look at for news and pictures of IB in Russia.

I love it...

... when this thing plays up and double posts,good job its free.

Hellz Bellz

Tees for the ladies from Hellz Bellz at .

Hellz Bellz

Tees for the ladies from Hellz Bellz at .

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hideout have some anything tees online.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

adidas ZX800

Black leather snakeskin at .


O.D.B. Warhol style from Rocksmith at .

Paul and Shark trainers

I havent seen any in the flesh but these trainers look nice,for around the £80 mark they are cheaper than you think Paul and Shark gear normally is. .

Nudie have some new Nudie jeans in,i dont know why some people dont like these,i have two pairs and they are both top.


Check out ,they have these Pointmen tees as well as loads of cool toys.


Most of the gear is sold out,but take a look anyway because its fucking smart .

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trust Nobody

Have a look at for this tee from Trust Nobody and loads more.


Another horror film getting a lot of pre-release good vibes,loads of horror geek info at wait till you find out who is playing the killer.

Neighborhood have a load of new NBHD tees etc in.

H R Giger

New artist Bearbricks,this one is from H R Giger,the artist behind the original Alien films art.

Futura Laboratories

Some new FL gear in at .

Flyers have a new thread with pictures of Unkle related flyers.

Dirt Shirty

Saw this picture and thought of you .

adidas trefoil flag tee

This tee is available at .

adidas fire have this tee in to go with your zx600s and these adidas fire trainers.

Monday, July 17, 2006

ZX600 have got these in in 2 colourways,£60 a pair you cant really go wrong.


This looks like it could be brilliant,have a look at the site .

Rejected Devils

Horror site is worth a look stills,new film news etc.

You know who

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Neighborhood

Saw these on Shinsuke Takizawa the man behind Neighborhoods blog at to do with their motorbike racing team i think.


Another spot on this cap from Fibre-Ops.


More adidas at ,i want some new trainers,looks like il will be buying more than one pair.

Mo-Wax cuts

Spotted this on High Snobiety,MoWax blog has a Futra interview on it also there is a link to another blog thats worth a look at .


Ive posted about this brand a few times and have finally got round to buying a couple of tees,i got this one and one with a dollar/skull logo and ive got to say they are well worth the money.Tees and prints are top quality and they even come in a little bag like all your other favourite brands,these are now being stocked in some shops im told so get in early at ,cheers Sid,top man.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Welcome to Jamrock tee by Listen available at .

Mystery dj

Who is this dishevelled looking dj wearing a rather nice tee..