Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kings Lynn v Oldham

Fri 1st Dec,live on SkySports 1,kick off 8pm.Come on Lynn.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hats,gloves and scarves now in at .

Take Me There

Noel and Gem did a semi-accoustic show in Paris recently,ive only watched Slide Away and its blown me away,for links to the whole lot goto the Oasis site ,fucking top.

80s Casuals

Bexie and Bjorn are now appearing on these tops from 80s Casuals,available from .


For stockists of this design and others have a look at .


Apparently only 5 pairs of these Unkle Nikes were made for James Lavelle and his people,remember that next time you see a pair on ebay.If you want to buy some goto ,they got other rare stuff too-even at that price someone will buy them.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Be There

If you are in the area.

Zimtstern Starline

New snowboard label,there are only 99 of each of these jackets-be quick .

ZX Family

More pictures of what adidas is calling the ZX Family from .

Sunday, November 26, 2006



Some nice gear from Puma and Undefeated available from .


One of my mates from myspace is selling prints of her work,get in touch at .

Oi-Polloi x R.Newbold

Oi-Polloi have teamed up with Paul Smith offshoot R.Newbold to make these jackets,as well as bringing out some shirts etc of their own. .

Nice Trainers Mate

Good site i got from the lads at Proper magazine, .


Pictures of topless women in New York at .


Some nice new gear in at .

The Stone Roses

MOB life

Havent posted any of these pics for awhile-dont need a reason. .


Teaser trailer in german? at .

Grafuck have this graffiti book of nude ladies in.


Loads of good stuff in at ,including these from top Mhi and adidas.


If you missed out on these(only 216 pairs) have a look at ,they have plenty of sizes left for $160.


If you missed out on these(only 216 pairs) have a look at ,they have plenty of sizes left for $160.


Dont know much about this but the trailer looks ok and with several of the cast of The Devils Rejects in it its probably worth a look.

zx range

Saw this on ,looks like plenty more zx styles to come.

Concept Store

Loads of new gear like this Bape/W-Taps jacket at .

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Have a look at their official site ,all the usual stuff-top band.


Spotted these on ,patent leather micropacers-coming soon.


Online magazine have loads of blogs from people involved with clothes,music and art,a lot of them are in Japanese,but still worth a look for the images.Oh and Eric Clapton? is on their too(apparently he wears a lot of this stuff-dont let that put you of).


Spotted on ,Commissary have a dvd of Futura playing in their store-more images at .

AM Firmament

Have a look at ,online store, all the big ones.


Spotted this on ,£450 if you got it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Just found out my local WH Smith stocks it,interviews with Estevan Oriol and Mr Cartoon.Online at .


Just got another pair of these from ,call me boring if you want, but these are a classic trainer and like Forest Hills i cant get enough of them.