Wednesday, August 30, 2006


A lot better than i thought it would be,well worth a look.One observation and in know way a criticism,are the only white kids in London now all middle class wigga twats,do no white kids live on shit estates.



This will either be good fun or really lame,have a look at for the trailer,fit cast whatever.

Sale have a sale on including this top Recon jacket.


Tee from NBHD/Kostas and The Cult,spotted on .

Safe journey...

...if you are going.


Do the mean....

What the World is Waiting For?

com raid

New label comraid at .

Monday, August 28, 2006


Futura exclusives

These tees are only available from the new shop in Bangkok,Modified.Spotted this on Bothans thread at Recon,he got it from .

Never Never Land

More remixes.

adidas forest hills

Another colour,these are apparently exclusive to ,i cant get enough forest hills so comftable and allways look good.

adidas americana

These snakeskins should be out soon,love the green ones.

adidas jacket have these in for £315.

New Balance

These look really nice, .

Sunday, August 27, 2006


"...fear is no longer a factor.The Futura is."


Me before i went and watched the mighty Norwich City destroy Barnsley 5-1.


http://www.conceptshop.comhk have loads of new stuff including this tee from Neighborhood.


Most of you will probably be aware of this site but for those who arent have a look for loads of links and interesting articles and interviews.


New season gear on its way,im allready in the queue for this one. and they also have a blog now .


Kaws clothing line now available at The Hideout.

John Mayer

Have a look at this site ,really mellow song on here by John Mayer the video has Futura and other artists doing there thing.

Footpatrol tees have some new tees on their site.


More stuff on their site .

Blood and Sleaze

Have a look at this site http://blood& for reviews of horror and sexploitation films etc.


1000 plus in the queue.


Nice tee from 3sixteen at .

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nacho Fu-Libre

Sinful Things

These tees and more at .

The Shadow Conspiracy have tees in from The Shadow Conspiracy.


Dont think this lived upto the hype.


This winter version of this jacket available at ,only £139.


Don Vito tee from ,a tee you cant refuse(cheese i know).

Estevan Oriol have more tees in from the man.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A load of new stuff on their website. Posted by Picasa

More ZX700s

Looking good,spotted these on 5th Dimension forum.  Posted by Picasa

Cant live

Watched an ok MTV documentry about LL last night,reminded me i aint played this for years,bought it on vinyl when it came out,suppose ill have to get the cd now. Posted by Picasa


Trailer now up on the site .

Monday, August 14, 2006

What the World is Waiting For?

Huge fan of the band,massive IB fan so i can understand where hes coming from,you decide, . Posted by Picasa

Road Warrior

 Posted by Picasa